Style Name

Hello Georg,
How are you?

I’m having a trouble in the configuration of a font I made using Glyphs.
The display page of the font, in, repeats two times the style name. It show as “Encorpada Black Regular”. Let me show you: This one is ok. This one is not.

As I intend to create and sell a complete family font with different weights, I wish there was something we could do to make this right.

In Glyphs as the configurations seems correct.

But as I open it in Fontlab the Style Name appears as ‘Regular’.

Is there anyway I can correct this?

Thank you!



The Style name in the FontLab screenshot is correct. It is the Windows style name can only be Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic.

Can you send me the file that I can have a look. I just tested a similar configuration and naming was fine.

I’ve send the file to info@… email
I noticed this problem only in myfonts site; in adobe softwares it doesn’t happen.

Thank you!

I compared the generated .otf file with files I submitted to myFonts. I could not find a difference. So maybe check the myFonts setup?

MyFonts answered that this is a problem in the font file.
I’ll release some new fonts soon, and if it happens again I’ll get in touch.

I believe that display of the font name is actually coming from the font itself – perhaps named within the font creation software?? All of the our naming mechanisms have it listed without the “Regular”.

Would you mind regenerating and .zipping the font file, then send it to me so I can try updating the font on our site? Hopefully that will work…