Stylistic Alternates not working properly

I’ve been designing 3 fonts lately and I’m getting the same error with all 3 of them. The Stylistic Alternates work fine on glyphs preview, but when I export the fonts they simply do not appear on Adobe Softwares. (Contextual Alternates and Swashes work just fine).

Tried to install the fonts on different computers and the same happens.

Everything seems correct on glyphs. I even checked the “language systems” as sugested on another post, but even that did not work.Cache’s are clean as well.

Any help?

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Do you mean the “salt” feature? Try stylistic sets. They are supported by most of the latest versions of the Adobe (yes, even Illustrator). Apps like After Effects have a very poor support for OpenType. So no chance there.

Hello Georg, Thanks for your kind help as usual. I was using Stylistic Sets (.ss01 to .ss02). but somehow they would not appear in Photoshop (only in Glyphs preview).

I can make it work using salt for one (ss01 for example). But I was hoping to be able to have ss01 and ss01 as Stylistic Sets (working in Photoshop).

Any suggestions on how to make it work?
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Photoshop still doesn’t support stylistic sets. The only thing you can do is to complain to Adobe. Illustrator and Indesign do support it just fine.

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Thanks Georg! I thought the newer versions supported it. Crazy that Adobe never fixed this issue in so many updates.

Hi George~
I recently discovered that the stylistic sets of fonts I created did not work in Photoshop. However, I also found that stylistic sets work well for other fonts (e.g. Montserrat). From what I remember, this worked well in Glyphs 2.x and 3.early versions. What’s happened ??

I’ll try and reproduce it tomorrow.

Can you show a screenshot of the UI where you enable the stylistic set in Photoshop?

I think older versions of Glyphs used to automatically create the salt feature when you created stylistic sets x.s001 x.s002, etc… Now you have to create it manually. I don’t have the older versions installed anymore so I cannot test this.

ps. I think Ryul, is mistaking stylistic alternates for stylistic sets in photoshop. I commited the same mistake in my question.

That was only because Illustrator did not support sets back then, only alternates. Now that is not a problem anymore.

But it seems to still be an issue with Photoshop.