Stylistic sets in Glyphs mini?


I’m using Glyphs mini, and I’ve designed a lot of alternate characters, named a.001, etc.

When I export and try to use the font, even if I select stylistic set 1 in the Opentype panel, the alternate character is not displayed, I still have the default one.

How can I type my alternate characters ?

Glyphs Mini doesn’t support the generation of Stylist set features.

Ok, no problem. I still can publish alternate versions of the font. Just the mater of a few copy/paste.

Thanks for the fast reply.
Great app btw

Hello sssct,

I was glad to read your message, I was wondering about the same thing, and thinking also that I could sell an alternate of my font.

I have GLyphs Mini, and want to have alternates, stylistic alternates, of letters. For example, capital P, and a capital P with extra flourishing lines.

What is the best way to do this in Glyphs Mini? Make another entire font made up of the stylistic alternates?

Thank you,

In terms of OT features, Mini only supports localized forms, fractions, ordinals, discretionary and standard ligatures. So, a separate font would be the best way, probably.