Subsetting via filter?


Is there a way to export a subsetted font that contains only the glyphs in a particular filter? For example I’d like to export an instance with only MacRoman characters. Do I need to double click the MacRoman filter, copy the character names and then paste into the ‘Keep Glyphs’ field in the particular instance, or is there a better way to do it?

For MacRoman, that would be the way to go. You could automate it with a script if you need it very often.

The Keep Glyphs and Remove Glyphs parameters have a special addition in the most recent 2.4.2 betas: wildcards. You can use *.osf, *.sc or even script:thai. Try and test a lot, since it is very new.


The filters and the custom parameters are stored in different places. So when you would copy a file to a different machine, and the filter would not be there, the export would not work correctly.

Ah ok I see. Thanks :slight_smile: