Substitute long string with PUA glyph in Discretionary Ligatures

sub space c h i c k e n space d i n n e r space by uniE0B5;

What’s wrong with this? Doesn’t do anything in Indesign with the dlig feature on. If I insert the uniE0B5 from Indesigns glyph palette, it actually inserts the text “chicken dinner” instead. Does it matter if the target glyph is in PUA?

The space as part of OpenType features is tricky. Indesign is using a different character instead of the space and that something breaks code like this.

Oh. This wasn’t the case before, I remember this line has worked just fine a couple of years ago. I’ll try without spaces then. Thanks Georg!

sub c h i c k e n d i n n e r by uniE0B5;

Removed spaces but doesn’t make a difference. Tried with long strings and shorter ones. It just won’t substitute with dlig on in Indesign.

Are you sure you don’t have a font cache problem?

I use a proper font manager, removed old versions and used a different family name. I’m sure it is not a cache issue.

  1. Don’t use a font manager. That is begging for problems. Use the Adobe Fonts folder instead:
  2. It may also be related to the Composer you are using. Try switching to the Worldready Composer.
  3. Still a bad idea to include space like this. It will not work in some situations.

World-Ready Composer, that was it. Thanks Rainer!