Subtract Shape

Is there a way to subtract one shape from another like the pathfinder palette does in Illustrator? Or another method for cutting out a shape?


No. You will have to break open the paths and stitch them together.

is there a solution now in Glyphs 2 for subtracting one shape from another?
I need it for a stencil font.

if I do it manually, after deleting and reconnecting points, at a sudden some points aren’t visible anymore and I have to restart the program, only then I can see and connect them again.

Yes. There are buttons for this in the transform panel.

Thank you Georg! I have seen them, the problem is, that if I use them, the inner counter disappears. I have an o, put a square (the shape for the stencil) over the outline, use the button, but then the inner counter disappears.

Works fine for me. Can you select the cutting path? And the path direction is correct?

thank you very much Georg! I must select only the square (the layer below must not be selected) and the path directions must be correct, now it works

I get that this can be done on a manual level. Is there a way (a filter, maybe?) to make an entire component or shape negative? Whereupon a simple remove overlap would produce a stencil output.

Any script function even robofab script can do this subtract?

What do you mean? Subtract one path from another? This can be done with the Transformations palette.

Or do you want to subtract shapes in a Python script? There is a recent thread about that.

I think the idea to have a component that is cutting out is good solution until I figure this out properly. For now that could be implemented by a PreFilter.

Yep… I mean about Python script, or some function maybe we could access the transformations palette through python.

Yes. You can access the path operations from a python script. We are adding it to the wrapper right now. It will be available in version 2.3. You can check the source how to access it now:

Thanks Georg. that will be amazing!!!

Subtracting shapes does not work for me at all. No matter which path I select or put in front, no matter which path directions. I tried every thinkable combination. Not even the remove overlap button (nor the intersection button) work. It simply deletes everything every time. The normal remove overlap filter works as expected (shouldn’t the result be identical to the remove overlap button?).

I fixed that already. I’ll update soon.

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