Suffixes used to define built-in categories

I have a stylistic alternate small capital J that I have named j.salt_sc that is not included when viewing the small caps category, presumably because that is programmed to look for the “sc” suffix on its own.

So this is either a question –

Is there a naming convention for such a character that would allow it to appear there?

– or a feature suggestion –

Could the categories be reprogrammed to pick up dual suffixes like this?

You need to add two suffixes with each with a dot and in the order of the features in the feature list: in This case The salt feature is not automatically generated so you have to add it manually:
click the “+” button in the Feature pane and select new Feature and name the feature salt.
On the top right side you enter:
sub by;

Okay, thanks. I was under the impression that only one dot per name was advisable, but it looks like that’s not the case, so I’ll change my naming convention.

Hmm, I find that renaming the character to “” doesn’t get it recategorized (it still appears under “lowercase” rather than “smallcaps”). Is the app consulting a pre-made list or parsing suffixes to determine those categories?

That it is missing in the category is a bug. But it should work in the feature.

If you use as a suffix, it is better accessible in InDesign and the feature code is generated automatically.

Yes, the features (with my handwritten code) have been working fine the whole time; it’s just the categorization that I was wondering about.