Suggestion: allow adding handles with opt-click on a selected segment

Right now if I Option-click on a segment with the selection tool, Glyphs adds handles to it, but this requires the segment to not already be selected. Is there any reason for this restriction?

No reason.

Yes. I recently stumbled over this as well in a class.

Apparently, there is a reason. When you select a path, then you can drag it or duplicate (with the Option key down). I could change it that adding the handles is done on mouse up, but that would be a bigger undertaking.

Does seem like the right thing to do though!

I just checked what other apps are doing and Illustrator adds points on mouse down. Most buttons in MacOS fire on mouse up. So this needs some unification.

That is a good point though. Wonder if we don’t break more workflows if we add the functionality.

I’m not a real developer but couldn’t the app just interpret

  • opt-clicks with moving = copy
  • opt-clicks without moving = add handles?