Suggestion. Cyrillic Dimensions palette

Hi! Recently, I’ve stumbled upon an Arabic font in Glyphs and noticed that the measurements palette is unique for Arabic. Isn’t it difficult to make the same for Cyrillic and show Д О д о instead of H O n o t? The descenders and left stroke width is pretty important in Cyrillic. The horizontal strokes and right vertical stroke in Д are same as in Н.
I see it like this:


That is easy to implement. Any other measurements that might be important?

Thanks! No, that’s pretty much everything that’s needed.

This is an excellent idea, @goloub. I can see other possible situations but the Dimensions window is limited. (For instance the width of the vertical stem of Ф and its overshoots.)

Only features that repeat are relevant for the Dimension Panel. So the Ф doesn’t need to be there.

If Cyrillic is implemented in Glyphs, give me a hint, then I can implement it in Show Stems, too.

In very dark weights, the narrower stem could be applied to Ж, Ш, Щ, sometimes И, but the is very individual and design dependent.

For global cases, only Д О д о matter. Other case are too infrequent.


Georg, thank you very much for implementation of this feature!

Mark, it’s ready now! You can update Show Stems in Cyrillic now!

Thanks for letting me know. However they need to be accessible in the API. @GeorgSeifert : are there more already? See last (and unanswered) post in this thread.

I updated that post. Sorry that it took so long.

Thank you! No problem =)
Happy to implement all those now …