Suggestion: 'Export as' for instances


In one of our current projects, we are shipping a package of fonts in different formats for different environments. So for the UI versions, we have a baseline-shifted Burmese character set, for the webfonts and desktop versions, the Burmese is on the normal baseline. Then we’re also subsetting and re-encoding some instances for older OSs that don’t support the current implementation of Burmese Unicode. In the end, we now have 14 instances for the different environments, but need to export some of these instances only as WOFF, some only as TTF.

Currently, if we export as WOFF, all 14 active instances are exported, and we get 14 new WOFF files. Since we need only two WOFF files, we need to go to the export folder, remember the naming scheme and then delete the ones we don’t need. We then need to do a second export for each other required format, and then delete the fonts that are not needed. It strikes me that it might be possible to have a custom instance parameter that could contain a list of the formats required for each instance. That way there would be a single export of all required formats, and no redundant font files generated.

I think that’s what Glyphs ‘projects’ are for. Check the manual.

That looks very promising, thank you :slight_smile: