Suggestion for an interface update


I’ve been using glyphs for some time now and I’m in love with it, but there is just one thing that I hate about the interface - the color labels should look somewhat different. Now the highlight of the glyphs in the table is very messy, because of many things - I mean that a glyph can have a label or not, the glyph can have some changes, so the highlight is darker and also the glyph can be selected or not which also adds some color to it. My concern is that it’s hard for me to distinguish between labels when I have to click in several places to see which glyphs were selected and then I see what is the color of the labels. Furthermore those glyphs that have changes sometimes have almost identical color to some unchanged glyphs with other label. That’s very messy for me and I’m sure there are ways to change for example how the cells are highlighted by adding a stroke around the cell, for example.
Just take this into consideration as a suggestion. Solving that would make glyphs just perfect haha :wink:

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Thanks for your input. We have this on our radar.

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I have the same problem: glyphes with a colour lable looks almost identical to glyphs without a lable but selected, depending on the selection colour (? »Auswahlfarbe« chosen in the system preferences.

A: selected, B: colour lable

A: selected, B: colour lable

A: selected, B: colour lable and selected

I think, the selection of glyphs should be indicated the same way as the finder does it with a blue border:

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Omg that’s so nice that somebody shares my concern. Additionally when a color label mixes with the selection color it looks like some other labels. It’s like a quiz which one is selected and which one has a label:


lǝqɐl ʎǝɹƃ :qɯoɔǝʌɐɹƃ; pǝʇɔǝlǝs 'lǝqɐl uɐʎɔ :qɯoɔʇuǝɔɔɐʇop; lǝqɐl uʍoɹq :qɯoɔsᴉsǝɹǝᴉp :ɹƎMSN∀

Just in order to add the the confusion, unsaved glyphs additionally receive a grey background colour, further distorting the original colour selection. It drives me rather mad, too, sometimes :slight_smile:

We have it on our list. Since this is a bigger UI change, it will not make it in 2.x anymore though.

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