Suggestion how to filter and build custom lists

I just work a few days with Glyphs.

I think that it would be more flexible to have the ability to use multiple selectors like *, or ? or @ or [] etc. or any others you like.

for example
if i would like to quickly build custom list to view all letters with ascenders I will be able to quickly filter it using brackets and typing inside [hklmbd], (like in GREP etc.)

or if I would like to see all alternatives of letter l and b I can filter typing for example [l* b*]

Now it is very easy to see every letter with acute, but it is very hard to quickly filter all letter started from for example letter e like: eacute, eogonek etc. Instead of this we have the result of all letters which have in name letter e :slight_smile:

Or maybe it would be easy to use such joker like @ to filter classes.

And because of fact that Glyphs is the VISUAL program it would be easier to type cmd-A after and select the result of filtering and drag and drop them to the sidebar. And in this way define new Custom List.

What do you think about it Georg?

This are very interesting suggestions. I will see what I can do.

The alternate letter thing is possible. Add a new Custom Filter. And set it to “Glyph Name” “begins with”.


Thanks, Georg,

Yes, “begins with” in Custom Filter are really good. I like it. :slight_smile:

There is one small bug in it.
After resizing “Edit Custom Filter” window to the minimum and after that to the proper size it is imposible to see content inside it.

When I cancel and open it once again application remember the size and content of the window.
And in this way it is very difficult or even impossible to edit any of custom filters.

Thanks for retorting the resize bug. Fixed it.