Suggestion: Make palette dockable

The palette isn’t really useful in the general font view, so I often close it because it’s in the way.
Once I’m in the glyph view again, I need to go to the menu to reopen it. So IMO I’d be best if the palette would be part of the glyph view, or at least dockable on the left or right side

I thought about that an will probably do that.

Fort now, if you move it to the edge of the screen and then zoom the main window, it will resize the main window that it is next to the panel.

I agree with sf1nxor’s suggestion, and would second it. This would very very helpful.

Or just hide it automatically when you switch to font view. And show it again as soon as you’re in an edit tab.

But it doesn’t really bother me. I got used to hitting cmd-opt-P.

There are actually some things you can do from the palette in the font view. The layer panel works and some transformations work, too.