Suggestion: Option to swap 'Shift + Drag' and 'Option + Shift + Drag' action behaviours

I found myself using ‘Shift + Option + Drag’ most of the time as it also does the job of ‘Shift + Drag’. The shift makes the handle vertical or horizontal which I don’t think is required once the node is placed and the angles are set in the first draft.
Maybe a checkmark in preferences to invert how it behaves? What do you think?

In what context do you use this?

While correcting bezier curves. The Select tool.

Can you show a small screencast?

While pressing shift, the handle can stay at its current angle instead of moving 90deg.

Oh god, I just realised it’s just “option + drag”. This is embarrassing. I’m incredibly sorry.
I moved from windows a while back and the concept of an option button is still very new to me. I did try searching for the solution with no luck. Again very sorry for troubling you with this basic stuff.