Suggestion; selected nodes handels

In most cases during the process of build-up, it happens that several handles crosshatch others nodes, a different color on selected nodes-handles would be easier than looking up in a maze in order to pick the right handle.

The other suggested option; is to enable “PATH Isolation” which by selecting this function it keeps the active path floating while other patths are dimmed and not accessible.

do you know that you can select the handles by pressing the tab key (or shift tab for the other)?

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Thanks Georg;
Anyhow … is there an available list of Shortcuts for V. 20 that can be referred to?

The handbook is almost finished. But that should be in the Glyphs 1 handbook.

There is also the Keyboard Shortcuts section from the Help -> Glyphs Help menu.

Since there are allot of changes from V. 1.43, I was asking for a summing-up file like the attached:
Keyboard Shortcuts GlyphsApp.pdf (79.3 KB)