Suggestion: Show last 3 scripts used

Like many people I’m using a lot of different scripts in a changeable workflow, project to project, problem to problem.

In short it’s a pain in the cou-cou cycling through menus (re-)selecting scripts. I understand that one could set short cuts but the number would bloat quickly and as I say each project and problem has it’s own needs.

I think it would be helpful to everyone if we had say the last 3 scripts used bundled into the scripts dropdown. Or even a scripts button in the toolbar with recent history.

One hack around is to put common scripts in the root folder but that has its own issues.


I see what I can do. There will be no toolbar button for this. But a recent scripts entry at the top of the Scripts menu seems plausible.

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Hey Georg — any update on this? I’m sure your to-do list is stacked up!

The workaround I use:

I have ⌃⌥/ bound to the Show Help Menu in the system wide Keyboard shortcuts, then just type to navigate the menus.

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