Suggestion: Snap nodes, but not off-curve handles, to the grid

Optionally, provide a different grid setting for each, or make the ‘subdivision’ only apply to the off-curve handles.

I’ve had two projects recently where this would have come in handy: One is a sans serif with small details that were best interpolated and drawn with floating coordinates, but otherwise consistent stems. Using floating coordinates made it very hard to proof the spacing and stem widths. The second is a LED/pixel font with round dots. I want the pixels/dots to snap to the coarse grid, but rendering each ‘pixel’ as a circle requires more fine-grained control.

This should already work: (scroll down), I believe it was enabled for all non-1/1 grids. I’ll check again when I am back at my Mac.

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Thanks! It works :slight_smile: How would you set the grid for a 1000 UPM design with floating coordinates for handles only?

It only works for grids with more than one units. The offcurve nodes are then rounded to full units instead of the bigger grid.