Suggestions for the Glyphs Blog

Will this do?

I think your scripting tutorials are too advanced; they jump to iterating without really explaining how to do simple things with the GSGlyphs objects. People like me who understand computer logic but don’t code on a regular basis can look at code snippets and figure out how to build more advanced programs. But we often cannot code the simple stuff from scratch. The Robofab documentation does a good job of showing how to use the objects and properties. This is especially important for handling things that are supported by Glyphs, but not Robofab, such as guides.

Yes, good stuff mekkablue. I hadn't realize that text-editor trick!


Good idea. I’ll prepare something like this for part 4.

Now that the Blog has a lot of posts it would be lovely to have an index of topics or a search field just for the blog.
Whenever I’m looking for some of the (super fantastic) entries I spend more time in looking for the post than actually reading it.

We are aware of this. Something is in the works.

As for searching, you can already do that by extending your google search term with

I have an awesome idea: what about a complete list of all the blog topics (now that there are more than a handful?

We are working on that. The current plan is a list of all posts with search and tags to filter the list…