Superpolator alternative

I am looking if there is any free alternative for Superpolator tool. Thanks!

Glyphs has all functions that you need Superpolator for. Why do you need it?

Oh, great. Thought Sp3 was doing something more, from just a weiight. Like the web app Metapolator

No, SP and MetaPolator are completely different things.

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Do Superpolator and Glyphs use the same math for interpolation? I saw some studies on Variable Fonts showing that exporting ufos + Superpolator + fontmaker is getting at this point better results than Glyphs (I believe this might be temporary, since Glyphs still beta for variable export). — I have Superpolator, but I do prefer working with .glyphs files over .ufo

Superpolator and Glyphs use quite different algorithms for interpolation. But that has nothing to to with the variable font export. Because there is not interpolation involved. I would love to see some examples where the variable font exports differs between Glyphs and fontMake.

And even when you like fontMake results better, you don’t need to use ufos. FontMake accepts .glyphs files directly (by using glyphsLib).

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interesting, didn’t know that.

I saw a lecture about an experiment on variable they’re doing at Dalton Maag, working with Glyphs. Maybe you can talk to them (maybe they already contacted you), actually they were having some issues on results and fontmake kinda solve it. But it happened to get small differences at the curves. Sorry, I don’t know if I’m being clear.