Superscript "c' as in Mac or Mc

After searching various Forums for a way to superscript the letter “c” in the name Mac or Mc and not having any luck. As I have MS Publisher, I recalled that Publisher has super and sub scripts buttons in the “Font” area, (they are the “X” with a number2 at the bottom and top at the right of the “X”.
If you don’t have publisher, ask some one you know that has, to type “Mc” into a Word or Excel document for you. Save that file safely, so that you can then use the superscripted “Mc” in the the future. Once you have placed the superscripted “Mc” into you own document, you can then change the font style and size to your own liking.
This worked for me, unfortunately, in this posting I am unable to show an example of the superscripted “Mc”.

To be honest, I’ve never seen the c in Mc superscripted. But you would add a c.sups to your font and update features in Font Info. Not sure if the buttons actually support the opentype feature or just fake it though. You will need to test.

The reason for my quest to find a solution to having a superscripted “Mc” came about that, for an organisation I am involved with, is that I publish a members hand book that contains:- names - addresses and phone numbers.
A member who is of Scot’s decent, stated that he always writes his name with the superscripted “c”. As I have no persuasion either way myself, I was looking for a way to satisfy him.

I always put a string of such glyphs in ordinals freature, using a-z.sups as Mekkablue suggested. At least s t r d t h n and c.