Supertool plugin doesn't work

Plug-in conflicts and won’t run
The window appears and says the supertool is not functioning
I tried reinstalling the program and reinstalling the plug-in, but it still doesn’t work

It may need updating and until it is, don’t install it because Glyphs will continue to malfunction.

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The issue is logged and an update is in the works :crossed_fingers:

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Hi, you can download from this link a version that work.

You need to install it manually dragging SuperTool.glyphsTool to Glyphsapp Icon and restarting the app.
Good luck!

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Thank you so much!

Hello, unfortunately it’s constantly crashing, I’ve been unable to start Glyphs when Supertool was installed. I’m using the latest version, 3.2-3187.

try removing and reinstalling via plugin manager. if it still doesn’t work, I know this is actively being worked on (or possibly was just fixed) by the relevant people. you can follow the issue here to see when it closes: Crash with Glyphs 3.2 · Issue #9 · simoncozens/SuperTool · GitHub

I just uploaded a new versions. It works on all my machines.
Remove and re-install to make sure you get the new version.