Supplementary Private Use Areas?

I am building an icon font for a new project.

I am interested in mapping my icons into these two areas (PUAs) in order to facilitate improved accessibility for screen readers. (These two Unicode planes are ignored by screen readers.)

See and for more info…

The ranges are as follows:
A: F0000 - FFFFF
B: 100000 - 10FFFF

I was wondering if there was any way to access these unicode characters in Glyphs currently?

If not, are there any plans (particularly with Glyphs Mini which is aimed at icon font creators) to enable this in future versions?

Great product, by the way. So long Inkscape and Font Forge!!!

– Bruce

There is a private use area in the lower plane.
From the second link:
U+E000…U+F8FF BMP (0) Private Use Area 6400

this should serve you purpose equally well. To access it, use the glyph name “uniE000”-“uniF8FF”.

Private use in the upper plane is not supported in the current version, but will be available in the next update.