Support for SF Symbols 5

Hi everyone,

I’m interested in using Glyphs to create SF Symbols, but I wanted to check on the roadmap for supporting SF Symbols version 5. Are there any plans to add features or improve the workflow for working with the latest version?


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I’ve been working on my icons workflow project and noticed that I have to set the layers, draw, and erase options in the SF Symbols app. Is there any way to configure these settings directly in Glyphs?

Any tips or workarounds would be appreciated!

Currently, SF Symbols 5 are not supported. Apple has changed the underlying file format drastically from year to year, making it difficult to adapt. Next week, Apple will presumably show off the SF Symbols 6. If the file format does not significantly change, we might have a chance to adapt to it and keep supporting the format into the future.

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Let’s see tomorrow (6/10). Keep me posted if you need help.

The link.


I explored the new SF Symbols 6 released by Apple. While examining the exported template and symbols, I noticed it appears quite consistent with the previous versions 5.

Style and class names remain consistent too with the previous versions 5.

I’ll be conducting more tests, particularly focusing on the new animation effects, to understand the new properties added to the styles.

However, I do not how Glyphs processes these templates. Are there any specific changes or considerations I have miss of on the SF Symbols 6?

Thanks in advance for your insights!