Support for Unicode 12

Will Glyphs soon support Unicode 12? I noticed that there are characters in the current Unicode specification (12.1) that don’t appear in the Glyph Info panel (or the Unicode Checker).

I just accidentally noticed this area. Also I read about these ones today:

Perhaps there’s some script that would be able to find all the missing ones?

Using Glyphs 2.6.4…

I add glyph ranges by request. As I need to build names, components and anchors, I like to have someone familiar with the script. So we also support some of unicode 12 but there are missing some parts of previous versions.
You can add your own info:
If you send me the files, I can add it to the app.

Ah, OK, thanks. I can add the ones I want easily enough, just didn’t know whether the list was intentionally selective…

(It was this article that made me look for glyphs in Glyphs…)

I added those codes that where mentioned in the article ;).

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