Support of Hangul characters in glyph app

hello, I’m a student to study the type design in Korea.
Thank you for creating a simple and great program. I’ll buy it.
However, I would like to ask before, Tutorial show only Roman alphabet has only manufacturing method.
Is it possible to produce type with Hangul Glyphs app?
Is there room for Unicode created 11,172 Hangul characters in the Glyphs app?
In addition, these features for East Asian characters(CJK) wonder whether running on a Glyphs app?

Have a nice day!

Yes, Glyphs supports Hangul. In fact Glyphs is the best font editor for designing CJK due to its smart components (however, smart components is a difficult concept if you haven’t made any typeface before, so as a beginner you may want to just draw all letters by hand).

I don’t think you necessarily have to make all 11172 glyphs to make a functional Hangul (should be around a few thousands).

Thank you for your quick response. :smile: :smile: