Survey: Integrate panel window in main window?

I would like to know how you think about the panel window. Should I leave it as it is or integrate it into the main window.
(the fullscreen problem is fixed so this would not be issue)

for me it’s just in the way in the font overview, i am used to switch it off via shortcut. maybe there could be a smoother solution. for instance switching it off automatically (i dunno how others use the panel when they are in the font overview)

in an edit window though, i like to have enough room. now that you ask, i am not sure if a floating behavour is really superior over an attached one, since it takes the room anyway.

so my resume: 1+ for sticking it to the edit tab (like the preview)

Maybe both sides (Categories / Languages and Panels) should be optionally integrated or not. Maybe even bottom preview window.
I’m working with two monitors and I like to have all the menus and panels on the other one.

Integrate with a show/hide button like a preview window. floating is messy.

I would definitely like for the panel to be integrated with the main window. A sidebar (hideable or not) on the right side would be great.

Agreed. Integrated into the main window would be ideal.

Another vote for integration here.

The integration has the advantage that every font would have its own Palette. Don’t know if my vote counts as well, but I am also for integration.

On the other side integrating the panel window would double it for each opened .glyphs file = more screen space lost.

For sure I’d integrate it when in fullscreen, otherwise integrate as an option and/or with a “hide panel” left/right slide.

Two notes.

I can’t have it really integrated for full screen and have it as an extras panel in normal mode. The internal implementation would be to different.

It doesn’t need to be integrated to work in fullscreen. I can make the fullscreen window smaller that there is space to put the panel next to it.

Only if you keep two windows side by side on the same screen. Do you actually do this often?

@mekkablue: i do so on my imac when working on two versions of one font or comparing weights.

I do it yes, as I do not have 2 screens (only 1 big one)

I think integrated would be fine. I can remember instances where the floating panel got in the way, but I can’t recall ever being grateful that it was floating.

Integrate with a show/hide button like a preview window, please.

I agree: Integrate with a show/hide button like a preview window, please.

I too would like to see the panel integrated.

Also, thank you for putting this to the users, asking for our input is greatly appreciated.