SVG Bitmap fonts

I’m attempting to create an opentype svg bitmap font. I’ve read all the tutorials and most of the forum posts on this subject but cant seem to find an answer to the issues i’m having:

Images are displaying and previewing fine in glyphs but upon export and testing in illustrator the font is misaligning things and displaying in a strange way. Any Ideas what this might be?

Glyphs: Version 2.6.1 (1230)


You need to remove the white background of the images.

And can you try the latest cutting edge version (activate it in Preferences > Updates).

Thanks Georg,
I’ll try that new version but just to confirm my image process is correct:
Should I be exporting SVG’s from photoshop and then setting them on a second layer named ‘svg’ with the top layer staying empty?
Or can I just use transparent background png’s and place them in the top layer?


You need to put the transparent png in the “svg” layer.

Hi @GeorgSeifert I tried implementing the above process and updated a version to the cutting edge like you mentioned but now I’m not getting any visuals when I export the font and test in illustrator. Just empty white spaces.

I think I was confused befor. You need to follow the Apple Color font tutorial:

You might beed to add a “Export sbix” parameter and uncheck it to make the fonts work in Illustrator.