SVG colour font display issues

Hi, it’s about SVG colour fonts again … I am running into issues depending on the application I try to use the font in. It displays fine in Acrobat Reader, but different applications run into different issues:
macOS preview: gradient is not applied, solid colour is used.
InDesign CS5: Fallback glyph is used instead of the SVG layer (simply because CS5 is too old, I am aware)
InDesign CC2020 on macOS: the SVG layer is not displayed at all, simply a blank glyph.

Everything works fine on Windows, I should mention. Any clues as to what the issue is? Is any of this fixable font-side or will I need to find a different solution? Thanks!

Welcome in the wonderland of different interpretations and implementations of the SVG spec. The required feature set for SVG in OpenType is rather small, so it might be that gradients are not on the required list.

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Roel Nieskens has a useful SVG support chart on his website.

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