Svg colour font not exporting colours

Hi all,

I want to export this font i’ve created, but can’t seem to figure out the colour thing. I have two weights; regular and bold. I made some emojis in the same style as the font. Both have the colour layer turned on, and both have the color layers to svg parameter in the export tab ticked. In Illustrator, i get a faint outline of the emojis. In InDesign they don’t appear at all. Nor do they on web. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Bug, maybe? Cheers!!

font-file: glyphs help – Google Drive

I believe not every browser supports SVG. Add these custom parameters to your file, and export without hinting:




Hi Mekkablue, thanks for your answer! There’s no “color layers to colr” option in the exports parameters. I did the others, and exported without hinting, but still see this slight outline instead of the colours… Screenshots attached!

Can you try the latest cutting edge version? Activate it in Preference > Updates.

I can now add the color layers to colr parameter. Instead of outlined, i now see one colour per emoji. :confused:

edit: the one colour has to do with the update, not with the extra parameters…

edit: i unchecked remove overlap, this did the trick for me. Thanks for your help guys!!

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