SVG elliptical arc

Is there a timeline for when SVG elliptical arcs will be supported? Is this on the roadmap? We have quite a few assets that use elliptical arcs and would prefer to avoid having to manually convert to cubic beziers.

There are no plans to do that. Can you explain how and for what you need them? Arcs are not supported by OpenType fonts are not easily inverted to bezier curves.

Most of the graphics I’m working with started out as SVG, and many of the shapes just happened to work out best as arc segments in a path. I understand they’re not supported by OpenType. I was hoping the tool would handle the conversion during import just as it handles other conveniences that OpenType doesn’t support, e.g., overlapping paths.

For reference, FontForge imports SVG with arc paths and converts them to Bézier equivalents automatically. (So far, the only thing I miss about FontForge since switching to Glyphs.)

Ok. I understand. Will look into the SVG import issue. can you send me a sample .svg file (to info at this domain)?

I did have a look at is a bit to complicated to implement it at the moment.

Did you see the other samples in the archive with cubic bézier curves that wouldn’t import correctly?

I just had a look at it and your file uses quadratic curves. Those are not supported jet. Will see what I can do.