SVG not appearing as expected

Hi All

While having a play with SVG in Glyphs Version 2.4 (939), and referring to the handbook, I came across a couple of things that seemed odd. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if there’s a bug.

As gradients are allowed, according to the W3C spec, I made a simple gradient box in Illustrator and saved as an .svg
I dragged the file it into glyphs but only see the 4 node box shape and the preview shows a flat box. I exported as a woff and still just see a flat box.
I tried the same with a box giving it a flat colour but stil got the same result.

Also, I tried opening the .svg file via Add Image, as per the handbook, but the file is greyed out.

Is there a particular way the SVG needs to be saved? The images show up fine in the web browser preview that Illustrator shows in the save options.


In which app do you test? You may want to experiment with AI’s SVG export settings.

I was going to test in both Firefox and Photoshop since they seem to be the first comparable environments.

Can you send me one of the .svg files? Illustrator produces strange code and sometimes renders images (e.g., for shadows). Those are not supported.

Thanks, Will do.
There are lot’s of save options for svg but running through Adobe’s export options I can’t see much that would effect the output of such a simple shape.