Swapping complete glyphs, not only names

I want to swap entire glyphs, not only names.
e.g. swapping “a” with “a.1” should also change the component in aacute to “a.1”

I tried with changing the ID in a modified Mark2Mark script, but it does not work and Glyphs crashes after a few tries. Any hints?

Doc = Glyphs.currentDocument
Font = Glyphs.font
Selection = Font.selectedLayers

listOfGlyphNames = [ x.parent.name for x in Selection ]

listOfGlyphIDs = [ x.parent.id for x in Selection ]

if len(listOfGlyphNames) == 2:
    Selection[1].parent.name = "Temp"
    Selection[1].parent.id = '3BA8C044-CB97-4F5B-9A50-999999999999' #temp id
    Selection[0].parent.name = listOfGlyphNames[1]
    Selection[1].parent.name = listOfGlyphNames[0]
    Selection[0].parent.id = listOfGlyphIDs[1]
    Selection[1].parent.id = listOfGlyphIDs[0]
    # from robofab.interface.all.dialogs import Message
    Message("Select only TWO glyphs", "", OKButton="OK")

There are several levels of checks to prevent exactly that. So you need to iterate everything and change the components directly.