Swapping glyphs — process, request, or feature?

So sometimes my /a in the uprights is double-story, and I’ll include a single-story alternate /a. Then when I’m making the italics I might use the single-story /a as the primary /a character (in place of the original double-story).

To do this, in the italic file I usually remove the primary /a glyphs (including the diacritic glyphs) and then delete the alternate naming (e.g. “.ss01”) after the alternate /a glyphs, and this forces the alternates to become the primary glyphs.

It’s fairly quick to do it this way but metric keys and components can sometimes get a little tricky to keep track of. I’m wondering if there’s a more efficient way of doing it or perhaps a script or feature I’m not aware of?


Have you tried the “Rename Glyphs” custom parameter?

Thanks, I have not. I’ll look it up more.