Swash feature + Calt

Hello, I’m designing a connected script and I would like my calt and swsh feature to work in tandem.

What I’m trying to do: whenever the swsh feature is activated, I only want to change the beggining and end letters of the word, and only if it’s not followed or preceded by another word for example.

Here are my Calt lookups, swsh is a lookup for sub @end.swsh by @end.swsh:

lookup begin {
sub @Punctuation @normal.begin’ by @begin;
ignore sub @AllGlyphs @normal.begin’;
sub @begin @normal.begin’ by @normal.begin;
sub @normal.begin’ by @begin;
sub @DisconnectedUppercase @normal.begin’ by @begin;
} begin;

lookup end {
ignore sub @normal.end’ [@Uppercase @Lowercase];
ignore sub @end.swsh@Punctuation;
sub @normal.end@Punctuation by @end;
sub @normal.end’ by @end;
} end;

Any thoughts on how I could do this?

It is hard to understand if I cannot see the glyphs. Can you send the file to support at this domain? I will have a look.

Sent, thanks for looking into this.