Swashed ligature

Hello All,

I’ve created a long-legged R, which clashes when next to y
I created a ligature via: >Add Glyph “R.swsh_y”, which created the composite as expected.

However, the name of the glyph automatically changed to “R_y.swsh_”.
When I type ‘Ry’ and turn swashes on in InDesign/Illustrator only the R changes.

What have I done wrong?

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If you use automatic feature code, then R_y.swsh_ will be placed in the dlig feature. By default, this feature is ordered before (over) the swsh feature, so rearrange the features such the swsh is before dlig.

For manual feature code, you could consider adding the ligature rule directly into the swsh feature so that the user does not need to activate dlig separately from swsh:

sub R y by R_y.swsh_;
sub R by R.swsh;

The glyph name R_y.swsh_ is following Glyphs’s naming scheme where first the ligature parts are named (R_y) and then any modifiers separated by a dot. The modifier parts (just swsh_ in this case) also use an underscore to describe separate modifiers for the ligature parts (swsh for R and nothing for y, in this case).


Perfect! Thanks very much @FlorianPircher