Switching between masters doesn't update UI

Hello, I noticed that when I open a glyph to edit it, the layer colour doesn’t get updated depending on which master I switch to. I mean this indicator on the right:


If I open the glyph from the font view, the colour from the selected font master is set in the indicator, but then not updated if I switch to another master.

As a matter of fact, it looks like the entire info panel is not updating. I select an anchor and am switching through the masters, where the vertical position of the anchor changes. In the info panel, however, the anchor x/y position isn’t updated.

Almost nothing is updating: The sidebearings, colours, positions, all of it.

The layer selection on the right also doesn’t update: If I switch to another master, the layer in the layer panel is not set to the new master.

This is extremely annoying.

Does it behave that way after you restart the app?