Switching Default Numbers

I have tabular numbers as default. And lining figures, kerned. What is the right procedure to change these sets and not to lose kerning? To have lining figs as default (and kerned), and tabular as zero.tf, one.tf etc. It means kern pair between (now) seven.lf and four.lf has to become a pair between seven and four.

Do you want to switch them in your sources or just for export in some instances? If the latter, Iā€™d use the Reencode Glyphs custom parameter to assign the numbers Unicodes to the .lf glyphs.

If you would like to switch them in the source, just rename the glyphs. The kerning is tied to the glyphs themselves, not their names.

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Danke Jens, this is what I missed. So first step is to rename zero - nine to zero.tf to nine.tf, and release default names, than rename zero.lf - nine.lf to default zero - nine without suffix. And kerning will follow?

Yes, the kerning will follow.