Switching Glyph Shapes in Adobe Illustrator?

I’m working on the tutorial for switching glyph shapes:

All works fine in Glyphs, when i’m switching the instance preview (in the left corner of window bottom) also the glyphs switching the shapes like it should. After exporting the font (Folder: System > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Fonts) and testing in Adobe Illustrator there is no shape switching.?!

Same with the example file from FlorianPircher:

SwitchingShapes01.glyphs (12.0 KB)

I think it’s due to a cache problem, because exported .otf look correclty swap.
Have you tried closing and reopening illustrator?

Check this tutorial : Eliminating font cache problems | Glyphs

first i was thinking the same.
Then i’ve exported the font with a new name instead of a restart etc…
nothing changed…

It’s necessarily a cache problem with Illustrator.
Are you sure you don’t have accidentally install it in another way ?
If you remove all export of this font from your Adobe folder, Illustrator continues to display it ?

I’ve deleted all fonts in all folders, cleaned the font cache, restartede the PC and it’s still the same…

Test it in InDesign if you can.

ID works fine! Thanks!
Is it possible that Illustrator (CC2023) does not support switching glyphs?!

Yes. I spent an entire day trying to make switching shapes work in AI. Then I found on the forum that it is a known problem. @mekkablue Might be a good idea to put a notification in the tutorial about the bug, until they resolve it.

Just to clarify: I was working on a Variable Font.

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