Symmetrical glyph editing?

is there a way to edit the glyph symmetrically? Say, how does it work in 3D editors when you edit one part and the changes are immediately visible on the other part?
Something like the mirror modifier if you used Blender

That is not possible directly. There are some things that can help.

  • Use the Fit Curve panel to make the curves equal. (you need to set up the angles of the handles first). (when you make curves from lines by clicking it with the Option key, try Shift+Option).
  • for more complex shapes, draw one half, put it in the background (Command+J) and mirror it and make sure the start point and path direction is the same as in the foreground. Then you can select the paths that you didn’t draw and use Path > Interpolate with Background with 100%. Or one by one select a node and hit Command+Shift+A to align it with the nearest node in the background.
  • Add an extra glyph that only contains one half and add it twice as a component, one mirrored.

In addition to what Georg mentioned, I would like to give a quick shoutout to the Mask to Master script (Plugin Manager > Scripts > Freemix)

This script is has saved me countless hours. Enjoy!

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