Sync Tabs plugin

I’m not sure if this is the right place for wishes or if I should address it directly to @Mark , but I’m a frequent user of “Sync Tabs,” which is great and useful with just a tiny missing piece; hitting CmdW to close a tab should play out equally on all the synced masters. Is this easily resolvable? If so, I would love to have this added to it.

It might be better to post that in the Sync Tabs repo.

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It would be possible for sure, but I got the hunch that it would be too intrusive to close tabs. As far as I remember it also does not open any new tabs. The point is to keep it simple and „just“ sync the content of the current most front tabs.

I see. Can we vote? : ) No offense Mark, my issue is that when I close a tab in Master A, it remains open in Master B (and C and D usw), and when I click on Master B, this tab (which I closed on Font A) clearly reactivates and comes to the forefront of Master A.
But, can I request and pay for custom-made Sync Tabs just for myself?

I can see the need for it. That would certainly be an option for a customized version. For the public general plugin, I would fear too many complaints about closed tabs which might be hard to add to the undo, as it is already only possible in Glyphs to only reopen the last closed tab.

But if you really want to enforce that four your version, we can surely talk about that.

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Great. Let’s continue via mail.

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