Syncing metrics in my OpenType-SVG color font

Hello, I have a bit of a problem / bug to report.

I’m in the progress of producing an OpenType-SVG Color font family. The base for multiple colours are previously designed fonts-layers which I would like to combine. I followed this tutorial: Creating an SVG color font | Glyphs . I set colour for every master and created an instance with custom parameter “Colour Layers to SVG” turned on. This instance exports, but the side bearings are all wrong which you can see on a screenshot I attach. I can’t tell if the kerning is ok because of the huge spaces between the letters. I have synced metrics between the masters. I’d be very grateful for any advice. This is perhaps some obvious thing that I missed…

Did you set the spacing for the color layers?

Yes, both layers have the side bearings set and synced. In Glyphs in preview window everything looks fine.

How do you test? Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

Yes, I’m using both Adobe Fonts folder and installation via Font Book app. Same effect. I test in Illustrator, Photoshop, Pages, TextEdit and even this beta TextPreview tool.

It’s okay when I export the layers separately and then combine them in FontLab, but I don’t want to switch between these two all the time.

Can you send us the file? And what version of Glyphs do you have?

I can send you the file via email. I prefer not to post it on a public forum. Could you give me your email or send me a message? My address is [edit: cleartext e-mail address removed]

Either send it to us via a private DM on this forum, or by e-mail to support at this domain (this website without forum or www).

Sorry, I oversaw this before:

Do not install in Font Book for testing a font, this may have been a font cache problem. Read this please:

I had a look at the file you sent. The instance named COLOR was set to interpolate, but of course the layers are not compatible for interpolation. As axes coordinates, pick a value of a master you would like to see as fallback if SVG cannot be displayed (e.g. in TextEdit before Mojave). I picked the values of the master called ‘Outline’ in your file, and it exported as expected:

(Screenshot from InDesign CC 2018, macOS 10.13.6)

Yes! Thank you! Now works perfectly.

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