Syntax error while exporting

Hi there,
I get this syntax error when I try to export my font: “syntax error at “.null” missing NUM [features 16”

No idea what this is, can you help?

Have you read this:

I did now, this doesn’t give me any more information than the “syntax error at “.null” missing NUM [features 16” which I don’t understand what to do with.

The error message tells you that there is something wrong in line 16 in the features file. You find the file in the same folder than the generateFont.command file. Open it in a text editor (one with line numbers line TextMate) and see what you find in that line.

Line 16: UnicodeRange .null CR space k d n g b i l f O G s K o a c e m h I H F E r t u breve j v w x p L z M q ampersand C S D A B T y J N P R U V W X Y Z period comma zero one exclam three two four five seven six nine eight hyphen endash emdash slash eth Thorn thorn bullet quotedblbase quotedblleft quotedblright quoteright quoteleft question Uacute AE at parenleft parenright Euro semicolon colon plus equal asterisk quotesingle quotedbl percent Yacute Oslash oslash ae Eth dollar underscore degree ring Aring aring acute aacute eacute iacute oacute yacute uacute dieresis Adieresis idieresis adieresis udieresis Udieresis Edieresis edieresis Idieresis ydieresis Ydieresis tilde atilde Atilde otilde Otilde circumflex Acircumflex acircumflex ecircumflex icircumflex Icircumflex Ecircumflex ucircumflex Ucircumflex ocircumflex Ocircumflex ntilde Ntilde grave Egrave egrave agrave Agrave Aacute Eacute Iacute Oacute Ograve ograve Igrave igrave ugrave Ugrave odieresis Odieresis Q ellipsis numbersign less greater cedilla ccedilla Ccedilla sterling caron Zcaron zcaron Scaron scaron exclamdown questiondown germandbls copyright registered OE oe bracketleft bracketright backslash braceleft braceright cent minus yen divide quotesinglbase multiply plusminus asciicircum bar guillemotright guillemotleft mu guilsinglleft guilsinglright section trademark florin dagger daggerdbl paragraph fraction onequarter onesuperior twosuperior threesuperior onehalf threequarters ordfeminine fi fl perthousand currency logicalnot brokenbar asciitilde dotaccent Cdotaccent cdotaccent periodcentered ordmasculine dotlessi Lslash lslash hungarumlaut ogonek Aogonek aogonek Iogonek iogonek Eogonek eogonek Uogonek uogonek Itilde itilde Scedilla scedilla macron amacron Amacron Abreve abreve Cacute cacute Dcroat dcroat Emacron emacron IJ ij Racute racute Sacute sacute Uring uring Ccircumflex ccircumflex Ccaron ccaron Dcaron dcaron Ebreve ebreve Edotaccent f_f f_f_i f_f_l edotaccent Ecaron ecaron Gcircumflex gcircumflex Gbreve gbreve Gdotaccent gdotaccent uni0122 uni0123 Imacron imacron Idotaccent Jcircumflex jcircumflex uni0136 uni0137 Lacute lacute Lcaron lcaron Ldot ldot Ohungarumlaut ohungarumlaut Ubreve ubreve umacron omacron Omacron Umacron obreve Obreve Hbar hbar Omega Delta partialdiff uni03BC uni0394 uni03A9 pi infinity lozenge product summation integral radical Hcircumflex hcircumflex Scircumflex scircumflex Zdotaccent zdotaccent Rcaron rcaron Ycircumflex ycircumflex Wcircumflex wcircumflex Ncaron ncaron Tbar tbar Zacute zacute approxequal wdieresis Wacute wacute Wdieresis Wgrave wgrave Utilde utilde Nacute nacute Tcaron notequal lessequal greaterequal uhungarumlaut Uhungarumlaut uni0145 uni0146 uni0156 uni0157 uni013B uni013C uni0162 uni0163 uni0218 uni0219 uni021A uni021B tcaron;

This .null and CR keep being there even if I delete the glyphs.

Did you also update the features? When the glyphs are mentioned in the features but don’t exist in the font, you have to synchronise them.

There’s nothing in the features panel in font info.

Probably a bad glyph name. See page 80 in the handbook.

I think the problem are those extra glyphs that for some reason exported with the FontLab file. But if you guys have some good solution for removing it, I’d be very grateful.

Can you run the Preflight Font script:

It tests for double Unicodes and bad glyph names.

Can you check the font info > font > custom parameters if you find a entry “UnicodeRange”. Delete it.

That seems to do the magic! Thanks!