System Services

Glyphs 1.3.23, OS X 10.8.4

Rainer, your blog post on System Services is good information, but I need to know: what version of Glyphs are you using, and what OS X version.

“Make Nice Glyph Names” does not show up in the Services list in my setup; the others do.

I am sorry, I cheated, it is a beta version (1.3.24 502). I thought it was already available in 1.3.23, but of course, you are right, it is not. I wonder whether I should take the blogpost offline again, but I am afraid that the minute I do, Georg posts the update. I bet it will be out pretty soon.

It should be out pretty soon because .23 has been in use for about a week or so.

Leave the post up; patience is the keyword here. :slight_smile: