Tab bar & navigation suggestions

After using Glyphsapp some time, this are some suggestions I want to give in this topic regarding the tab bar & navigation

-When the user closes a tab, Glyphsapp should not go to the previous tab on the tabbar, but to the previous tab that was opened.
-A shortcut to cycle trough tabs would be nice (keyboard), like browsers have, this gives the possibility to navigate easily trough open tabs
-Back and forward buttons to quickly switch between glyphs reduce the need to changing tabs. When the glyph ‘a’ is finished, an arrow on the right side should directly go to the ‘b’. This reduces the time spend on navigation trough the font…

Any comments,
or something I haven’t seen?

Cmd-} and Cmd-{ cycle through tabs, just as in Safari.

Function-left and function-right cycle through glyphs on my laptop. I can’t remember what the shortcut is for non-laptops…

It is a laptop. Thanks, I overlooked those :s