Tabular lining in Glyphs Mini


I am trying to add tabular lining as tnum feature for my font. I am using Glyphs Mini version 2.01. (73).

Followed this tutorial and added “”, “”, “” and so on glyphs with “.tf” suffix. I can’t make it work in InDesign nor in webfont version.

It’s possible to make tabular lining feature in Mini version or how to make it work correctly?

Thank you very much.

Glyphs Mini does’t support tabular lining figures.

Hi Georg,

thank you for explaining. I don’t need to dig on that further.


I’m trying out a Glyth trial, I’m not a typeface designer at all, but I’ facing a similar issue — I have a set of proportional figures in a font and I need to generate tabular alternatives. I tried following the article mentioned above, but I can’t see the change in Illustrator.

When I’m looking at a glyph preview in the lower left corner, I see the the metrics — left, right and the width of the glyph. I noticed in another font that supports proper tabulars that the .tnum-s have the same width, while the new .tnum-s that I generated for the font I need don’t — the generated tabulars are exactly the same withs as the proportionals. So I tried manually inputting the width of the zero (684) into the rest of figures. The left and right metrics are not red and I’m seeing an alert icon in the upper right corner of all tnum glyphs. I ignored it and tried to export the font, but as expected nothing changed.

Please help me out here, I’ve got a client with a brand typeface selected already and I need to design a UI with a load of tables, so tabular figures are essential. I don’t really know what to do and selecting another face would be a major issue, since they already have work in production.

Thank you!

Have you tried disabling automatic alignment and deleted the metrics keys?

How do you test the font? Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

I’m not sure if I did — but I checked that each of the new tabular figures had the same width (684). I the exported the font to OpenType.

As for testing, I simply uninstall the existing version of Raleway (the font I’m trying to fix tabulars for) from my OS, the install the new font exported from Glyph and check it in Illustrator. I have a demo file with some type. If I set it in Myriad, proportional/tabular figures are working correctly, but if I switch to Raleway, there’s no difference.

If it’s not too much trouble, could you give a step-by-step instructions on how one would create tabulars in Glyph? The one in the article above didn’t work for me, so perhaps an experienced user might know how.

What did not work for you?