Tabular Space and Punctuation best practice

I have a bit of a conundrum here.
I’ve included tabular space and tabular punctuation for use in the layout of tables but if the user turns the tabular setting in a regular text paragraph the spacing and punctuation gets all big and weird.
Do you include tabular space and punctuation in your fonts?
Did you figure out a work around?
Am I worried about something that’s not a real problem?

Tabular punctuation as a concept does not exist. Usually the period and comma have the same width in all cases, but unless it is a monospace font they should not be the same width as the numerals. Your punctuation should be spaced to work well with text, and they will work well within tables.


Why not turn it on when it’s next to tabular figures or other tabular punctuation only? Something like:

sub @Figures by @TabularFigures;
sub @TabularFigures @LiningPunctuation’ by @TabularPunctuation;
sub @LiningPunctuation@TabularFigures by @TabularPunctuation;
sub @TabularPunctuation @LiningPunctuation’ by @TabularPunctuation;

Thanks Alexs, that sounds interesting
I never actually written my own OT features
In which feature category would it go?

In tnum, so it works auto with Tabular Figures button.
Everything starting with @ is a class, so make sure to create those classes and put needed glyphs in there.

You may also think through more scenarios when punctuation should be tabular and when not :slight_smile:

interesting, I’ll give it a go