Terminal and Initial forms. Need help

Hi there, i have a trouble with terminal and final forms. I working in Glyphs 1.4.5

I create new glyphs and named it .final. For example a.fina c.fina (see photo)

But it doesn’t work in Photoshop or Illustrator (see photo higher)

There are no titling alternates in opentype panel.

I read this topic
But it still doesn’t work. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong, i am beginner Glyphs program.

All i did is named glyphs .fina. I need to create new groups or classes? And do i need programming something? Also i read some topics, and i can’t find any answers.

PLEASE, can you tell me step by step, what i need to do?

Best regards.

Photoshop and Illustrator do not use those positional features (they only do it for Arabic). Even in InDesign it’s off by default. You’re not doing anything wrong, but you do need to write a code as explained in your link (Positional Forms as Contextual Alternates).

And please do not post the same topic at multiple places.

Contextual alternates are on by default, but many users deactivated them at one point. Make sure to turn them back on again, then the approach with calt as described in the tutorial will work.

Or you use the Build positional calt feature script from my Glyphs Scripts repository.