Testing fonts in Affinity Publisher ( like with the Adobe fonts system folder)

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I used to test my fonts in Adobe CS. I exported the fonts to the Adobe system folder, which instantly made these fonts available (just) in Adobe software. This is a fantastic way to test fonts.

But since I switching to Affinity I’m looking for an alternative workflow. Is there anybody that has experience on the best way to export and test fonts with Affinity software?
Does it work to directly export it to the Apple system fonts folder, or does this cause any problems? I’m not working with an external font manager, just Apple’s Fontbook.

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There is no “Affinity Fonts” folder. So you need to install in the system with the known problems.

This works for me. The font changes to another when it’s deleted, so you have to reselect it when it comes back.

That I definitely will try! Thanks for the tip.

Affinity is not important to Apple yet, but for type designers this is becoming a more and more important app. I would be great to have some solution, not from you / Glyphs persé, but in general.
Cormullion’s script looks promising.

This is not something Apple could solve. Affinity would need to implement to load fonts from a special folder as Adobe.

Okay, so this is something Apple would ‘allow’? So Affinity would be able to do this without Apple’s approval, so to say? Then it would be something I’d request as a future feature with Affinity. :wink:

The downside from this option, as with Adobe, is that native apps can’t use those fonts. But if you’d install the final version in Fontbook and upload the test fonts to a dedicated folder, this would be awesome.

There is nothing to “allow”.

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I noticed that when using a “Document fonts” folder next to an InDesign document, fonts do not work reliably. All features appear between brackets and names of stylistic sets do not appear. Don’t trust Adobe software :slight_smile:


That’s why I’d like to see this same feature made by Affinity and WORK. :wink:

I’ve posted a feature request on the Affinity forum. Please sign up here and help get this asap:


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Maybe what we should really be doing is getting graphic designers to harass Apple to fix font cache bugs. Mac OS X has been around since 2001, it’s really time for Apple to fix their crappy code. Application developers shouldn’t have to add workarounds.

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It may not be an ideal workflow, but it‘s quite workable to export fonts, delete existing versions in FontBook, drop in the new versions and reopen the Affinity app (I tend to use Publisher, but the same principle applies to the others). I guess it depends what you’re used to (and how often you need to do this). I started doing these things in the days of Apple System 6, Fontographer 2, Font/DA Mover and Pagemaker 3 — even before Adobe Type Manager appeared to give us proper rendering on screen. So anything is easier compared to that!

The problem are cache problems. A better solution is Nico Hagenburger’s Export and Install Script. Link in the Extend section of the web page.

Detailed description here:

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Since the Hagenburger script is available directly from the Glyphs Plugin Manager, I installed it there, but it seems it only installs the fonts in Fontbook, without adding the date to the name. Also, I can’t find the font files after using the script. I don’t know where they are exported to (Although, that might be desired behavior?).

I’m using
Glyphs 3.0.5 (3131)
on Big Sur 11.6.1
on an M1 Mac

(I also tried installing the script via Git but I run into all sorts of problems and I don’t understand anything about that stuff :frowning:)