Text box in illustrator - font typing bigger

Hi everyone, is there any particular reason why the text box in illustrator (font typing is bigger than actual size of the font?) attached the image as below.

Where can I adjust the setting in glyphs 3 ?


You might have some path that is way outside of the bounds. There is a script in the mekkablue scrips repository that find that glyph: Test > Report Highest and Lowest Glyphs

You can install the scripts in Window > Plugin Manager > Scripts > mekkablue. After a restart of Glyphs, you find the scripts in the Scripts menu.

After installing the mekkablue scripts from the Plugin Manager, you can also open the Script menu, hold down the Option key, and choose Reload Scripts. (Or press Command-Option-Shift-Y.) Open the Script menu again and you will see the mekkablue scripts, no restart needed.