Text input problem (3203)

I’m having text input problems in 3203. The cursor is jumping around. Here’s what happens:
Enter 1
Glyphs displays 1
Enter 2
Cursor moves
Glyphs displays 21
Enter 3
Glyphs displays 231
Move the cursor to the end of the line
Enter 4
Cursor moves
Glyphs displays 4231

I’ve tried restarting Glyphs and rebooting, the problem doesn’t go away.

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Already fixed, new version should be out soon:

Still or again messed up:


  • Start with an /A in the Edit view
  • Put the cursor after that /A
  • find /Aacute and insert
    → it will be added before the A
  • Continue the same procedure with any other glyph, those will all be prepended in front of the string


same bug for me

Same here


I just updated to the latest version and the issue stated above appeared.

Same here

I didn’t upload a new version, yet. Hopefully will do so later today.


same here

I have the same bug in Arabic. Can you say when we can have a better version.

Fix is in 3204.

Workaround: Type a period or a space, move the cursor in front of it and type normally.


I uploaded the update that fixed this.


Works good now. Thanks.

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